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La Française

Message from us :

La Française is an adventure that began with real estate in 1975. Over 40 years later, we have more than 600 employees of 24 different nationalities, working across 11 locations around the world, and four areas of expertise in the asset management universe.
Our group owes its success to the strength of its shareholder, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe, and the entrepreneurs it has met along the way, who have worked to develop the current face of the group, which promotes a strong and innovative development strategy and a singular, internationally-oriented offering that adapts to society's challenges.
We also owe our success to our employees for their expertise, their high standards and their unwavering commitment. We are especially proud to share that some of our young new hires have been promoted and are now heading up a team or a flagship development project.

Our ambition is to continue on this path.

Our mantra: La Française … not so French!

Fabienne FLORIN - MORANT, Human Resources Director

Our history

As an asset manager, La Française’s goal is to grow its clients' assets through investment. On a day-to-day basis, this means creating and managing investment products. What sets us apart is our comprehensive and diversified range of solutions based on four pillars of expertise: securities (equities and bonds), real estate (direct, indirect, and listed), complex financial products (custom solutions and structured products), and solutions for financing the economy (direct lending to the economy, private equity and equity investments).
Our clients are institutional and individual investors who subscribe to our products through intermediaries or directly via the "Moniwan" digital distribution platform created in 2017.
For nearly 10 years, our strategy has been focused on international growth, to meet the expectations of our investors who are looking for diversity and performance, and to bring in new clients from other markets. Currently, we have locations in Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Seoul, and Singapore.
La Française also makes innovation a cornerstone of its development. For example, we have set up an Emerging Business Division including innovative, disruptive activities such as Moniwan, for digitalised distribution of financial products, and the Newtown Square co-working spaces. La Française is also a responsible player in finance that prioritises its investment choices based on a long-term approach. We are developing a responsible investment approach that goes beyond recognising the traditional financial and extra-financial criteria, and also considers businesses’ ability to adapt and innovate.

Why our clients are satisfied

Some of our clients have put their trust in us for a very long time, and others are joining us each year, because we offer them solutions that meet their needs!
They particularly appreciate our diverse and complementary areas of expertise, the accessible and convenient business relationships that we promote, and how responsive we are to their requests. Our clients are our number-one priority.

Working for the La Française Group is a golden opportunity for me. It's especially gratifying to join a group, and a department, where our work, our opinions and our ideas are heard and acknowledged, but also in which our well-being is of real concern to our management.

Marion, with us for two years, Management Controller - Real Estate

I've been working at La Française for nearly 11 years now. I've lived through its development and its changes, and I've been lucky to be able to work in three different business lines. It's a Group that listens, and that has given me opportunities thanks to the strength of its business.

Marie, with us for 11 years, Registered Product Management Officer

I really enjoy coming to work at La Française because of its company culture. Innovation is the focus of discussions, and ideas quickly become reality. I find there's a nice balance between the autonomy my team has and belonging to a "big, solid" structure. My co-workers put me at ease the moment I arrived and it's been really easy to create relationships of trust with them.

Roland, with us for three years, Managing Director

I came to La Française four years ago, and I discovered a culturally rich and diverse company. That's true of its development strategy and of the make-up of its teams. I love the curiosity that drives the company. I love the vitality that you can see in its ongoing exploration of new products and ideas. And lastly, I work in a positive environment, surrounded by caring people who are close with their teams! I arrived at a time when the team was being set up. Very quickly, everyone found their place and was brought into a company and a welcoming Group.

Marie, with us for four years, Legal Officer

When I got to La Française, what struck me right away was the advantage of having an approach that's often found only in small organisations, but a portfolio size and a growth outlook on the scale of our group and strategically positioned on the market. On a day-to-day basis, the challenges are never-ending, like communication between the OPCI middle- and front-office for greater efficiency!

Morgane, with us for two and a half years, OPCI Middle Office Manager

I joined the RFP and client services team at La Française in 2013. After 18 months of training financial analysis from SFAF/CIIA, La Française gave me the opportunity to create the Product Specialist position. I'm now in charge of monitoring the macro economy, market trends, and the positioning of bond and diversified funds, and I am the intermediary between investments, sales and marketing.
With its intermediate size, accessible co-workers, and long-standing expertise that's recognised on the market, La Française offers growth opportunities to those who have the ability.

Rémy, with us for six years, Product Specialist

I love what I do, because every day is different. It's a job where we have to be 100% committed every day and we give all our energy to our colleagues.
In the group, I especially appreciate the human-scale teams and the teamwork. And, to keep our minds fresh, there are lots of places to relax, like the cafeteria, and our French café.
If you really want to feel like you belong, there's nothing like a good game of foosball with teams from different departments.

Terrence, with us for nine months, Back Officer

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